Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reunions - Why?

Big weekend on deck... a 20th high school reunion. Who thought this was a good idea? I haven't seen any of these people in 20 years - will I know if I'm in the right place? What will we talk about? Never mind - I forgot - that's what the bar is for.

I'm going - I have to see Karen - my high school BFF - because now we can sit together and get drunk, legally.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Gear

We start today's update with an announcement about our broadcasting equipment upgrade. We finally have a new PC - the first new one since buying a Mac Performa 6100 (with state-of-the-art CD ROM drive!) in 1995. Now we can burn DVDs while blogging and/or reading any number of different media cards.

In other news, electricians work as slowly as Caltrans employees, taking five days to install five ceiling fans and an attic fan. Officials say the team of two will be back for another full day to complete the *original* scope of work - rewiring the old brittle shit so we can blow some friggin insulation up there.

This just in: everything gives me headaches, and some things you might imagine could cause a headache probably do not. Such headache sources have reportedly been certain types of breakfast cereal, too much coffee, certain dairy products, pollen, riding Bart, sinus issues, and running in the early morning hours.

Our business update today reports that working five days a week still blows. However, participants in this recent poll report that a change in personnel has helped mitigate the mind-numbing effects of rising at 5:30 a.m. in order to eke out a few extra precious minutes of "me time" before losing another nine hours of pointless meetings and emails to The Man before being herded back towards mass transit via shifting currents of drone pods. Once home, our poll participants report that their brains are usually so decomposed that the most demanding activity entails watching Must See TV and/or episodes of Laguna Beach.

We hope you enjoyed today's update - thanks for joining us.